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Transforming Energy, Empowering the World At Zoetic Global

Our mission is to revolutionize the energy sector through innovative solutions that unleash the power of renewable resources. With passion and purpose, we create a sustainable future, empowering communities and driving global progress towards a cleaner, greener planet. 

Zoetic Global


A Sustainable Future Unleashed

New York City

Our vision at Zoetic Global is to be a driving force in creating a world powered by clean, renewable energy. Through pioneering technologies, strategic partnerships, and unwavering commitment, we envision a future where sustainability and innovation harmoniously coexist, bringing lasting benefits to the planet and its inhabitants.


Zoetic Global

Sun shining on Hills

ZOETIC means "Of or Pertaining to Life." It speaks to the focus of its co-founders, Jerome Ringo and Avery Hong, on bringing impactful solutions to the areas of greatest need. This entails technologies that are innovative, impactful, immediate and investable. Zoetic is focused on the inclusion of areas of the world disproportionately impacted by climate change - areas that require sustainable energy, water and food security solutions. 


Team Behind Our Success


Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Jerome Ringo, Co Founder & Chairman at Zoetic Global

Jerome Ringo is the co-founder and chairman of Zoetic Global, a leader in impactful solutions  targeting energy, water, food security and healthcare. 

Zoetic is the culmination of Mr. Ringo’s dedication to promote sustainable development through the use of clean technology solutions.


Chief Executive Officer

Avery Hong, Chief Executive Officer at Zoetic Global

As co-founder of Zoetic, Avery Hong is the driving force in the company’s product development, strategic planning and operations. Hong’s experience in project finance and  technology development in biofuels keeps Zoetic’s renewable energy focus on a clear path to sustainable development.


Chief Global Business Development Officer

Tim Ryan passionately served the working families in Northeast Ohio’s 13th Congressional District in the United States Congress for 20 years. Ryan has been ahead of his time in promoting critical health and wellness initiatives & reforming food and agriculture systems.

Tim Ryan, Chief Global Business Development Officer at Zoetic Global
Image by Cynthia Young
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