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Image by Cynthia Young

Avery Hong

Chief Executive Officer

& Board Member

Avery Hong, Chief Executive Officer at Zoetic Global

As co-founder of Zoetic Energy, Avery Hong is the driving force in the company’s product development, strategic planning and operations, and spearheads Zoetic’s African power initiatives with a strong vision and a deep knowledge of international project development and Power Purchase Agreements. Hong’s experience in project finance and  technology development in biofuels, waste-to-energy and hydro power keeps Zoetic’s renewable energy focus on a clear path to sustainable development. He has led and consulted for energy and life science companies in Asia, Latin America, and Africa and previously worked for Morgan Stanley and consulted for Camryn Innovation. Accordingly, he is leading Zoetic’s expansion into new markets in Europe, South East Asia and Latin America to provide lasting improvement in these countries and to create value for Zoetic, it’s partners and stakeholders.

Behind his calm demeanor, Avery Hong is an impatient man on a mission: His goal is for Zoetic Global to have an immediate impact in communities that are in dire need at home and abroad. To that end, he’s been a driving force for Zoetic’s development not only in the United States but in Africa, East Asia and Central America. Implementing innovative, clean-technology solutions to increase food and energy supplies and foster economic growth is his leitmotif. Creating sustainable partnerships and value for his company and its stakeholders in business, government, education, and finance is his modus operandi.

Image by Cynthia Young
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