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Image by Cynthia Young

Bob Mordini

Chief Strategy Officer 

Bob Mordini, Chief Strategy Officer

With over three decades of business ownership experience in various industries, Robert Mordini is a seasoned businessman and entrepreneur. Starting from his involvement in real estate in 1988, he has since established and operated several successful companies and completed over 200 commercial real estate transactions.

Then, Mordini co-founded Zro+ Nutraceuticals and Black Box Technologies, which later merged into Nectar Wellness Company. With his team, he developed a proprietary IP technology that allows them to "Supercharge™ " cannabinoid and terpene molecules, resulting in unprecedented benefits for the brain and body currently in Clinical Trial at a Major University. Nectar Wellness Company offers a range of CBD and THC products, which are available for sale online and in select dispensaries across Los Angeles, New York City, and upcoming markets.

In 2022, Mordini founded Atmosphere Group LTD, with the goal of fighting climate change through carbon credits. By collaborating with Verified Credits LLC, a Carbon Credit Registry and Exchange with global partnerships, they created the Atmosphere Super Carbon Credit. This carbon credit combines Nature Based Credits and Permanent Avoidance and Greenhouse Gas credits, allowing individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprint on a domestic and international scale. Furthermore, Atmosphere Group LTD and Verified Credits LLC tokenized the Atmosphere Super Carbon Credit on the Solana Blockchain, creating the most eco-friendly way to offset carbon footprints. 


Mordini's decades of experience and innovative solutions have made him a valuable partner for any business looking to make a difference in their industry and the world. Zoetic is a perfect compliment to Mordini's Global network and business accumen.

Image by Cynthia Young
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