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Image by Cynthia Young

Bob Thayer

President Zoetic Energy

& Board Member

Bob Thayer, President Zoetic Energy & Board Member at Zoetic Global

Bob serves as the President of Zoetic Energy, where he oversees the strategic direction, manufacturing, sale, and distribution of clean energy technologies, products and solutions.

Bob is a results-oriented executive with a track record of outstanding leadership and initiative. He has expertise in continuous improvement and lean implementations, leading to waste reduction and increased profitability. Bob led a $50MM lean transformation project for a major industrial manufacturing company and has also held top leadership positions at Carlisle Brake & Friction, General Electric and Lincoln Electric.

Bob brings executive C-suite experience from several fortune 500 manufacturing and distribution companies working cross-functionally to identify and implement process solutions for improved service, profit, and working capital optimization.

Bob is also an entrepreneur with a passion for real estate, owning several residential real estate companies around the United States.   Bob holds degrees in physics and mechanical engineering from the universities of BaldwinWallace and Case Western Reserve.

Image by Cynthia Young
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