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Zoetic Renewable Energy

Zoetic Energy Solutions

The goal of Zoetic is to bring renewable technology solutions to fight against global warming and climate change.  Our goal is to provide renewable energy independence to the people that need it most. Approximately 775 million people around the world do not have a reliable source of power. 

These energy management systems can operate independently or in conjunction with a larger power grid, using a combination of renewable energy sources (such as solar, wind, or hydroelectric power) and conventional energy sources as a backup to provide reliable uninterrupted power.  These solutions have adaptive control systems designed to continuously monitor the performance of the microgrid and adjust the energy supply and demand as needed to optimize performance. The system can also predict future energy demand based on historical patterns and weather forecasts and adjust the energy supply accordingly.  This helps maximize the efficiency and reliability of the renewable energy systems, while reducing their environmental impact and operating costs.  These solutions were designed with portability and rapid deployment in mind making them perfect solutions for FEMA or disaster response.  Other applications include miliary bases, industrial / commercial facilities, developing countries and island nations where portable, sustainable clean power is essential.

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