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Image by Cynthia Young

Haley Mordini

VP Digital Assets 

Haley Mordini, Vice President of Digital Assets at Zoetic Global

Haley is a highly experienced professional in brand and website design, marketing material creation, and digital assets. With a strong background in starting and managing companies, she has successfully created numerous brands from scratch, including logos, branding, packaging, marketing materials, and websites for various industries. 


Currently, Haley serves as the Brand Manager at Nectar Wellness, where she has revitalized the entire brand identity, packaging, and website. In addition to overseeing sales, events, and marketing, she plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations. 


Furthermore, Haley has been instrumental in the establishment of Atmosphere Group LTD, a sustainability consulting company focused on Carbon Credits. As the Director of Administration, Design, and Technology, she has developed the company's branding and website, while also handling client management and streamlining business deals. 


Throughout her career, Haley has gained valuable knowledge and expertise in all facets of growing a successful company. Her expertise in design, technology, and sustainability has now led her to her current position as the Vice President of Digital Assets at Zoetic Global. In this role, she is responsible for creating and managing all digital and marketing materials, including the company's website, social media and assisting in carbon credit rollout plans and programs.


To support her professional achievements, Haley graduated with honors from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a focus on Marketing from the Leeds School of Business in 2020. She furthered her education by obtaining a Masters degree in Strategic Communication and Media Design from the same University in 2021.

Image by Cynthia Young
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