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Image by Cynthia Young

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

& Board Member

Jerome Ringo

Jerome Ringo, Co Founder and Chairman at Zoetic Global

Jerome Ringo is the co-founder and chairman of Zoetic Global, a leader in impactful solutions  targeting energy, water, food security and healthcare. Zoetic is the culmination of Mr. Ringo’s dedication to promote sustainable development through the use of clean technology solutions. He is an internationally recognized thought leader on global environmental issues and has led two of the largest environmental organizations in the world, the 6 million member National Wildlife Federation and the Apollo Alliance, which was a 19 million member organization during his tenure.

After years of advocacy work, Mr. Ringo saw the stark need for direct involvement. The needs in the developing world were so pressing, that he formed Zoetic to directly tackle issues such as energy security. Today, Mr. Ringo draws on an international network to bring best-in-class technology solutions to leaders in the developing world. He has formed a diverse team with broad experience in renewable energy solutions as well as development work in Africa, India, Asia and Latin America.

Image by Cynthia Young

As climate change has moved front and center into the public consciousness, Mr. Ringo offers a unique perspective based on his years in the oil and gas industry, environmental advocacy and now renewable energy development. He has participated in climate talks from the start and has provided testimony to the US Congress and addressed leadership at the UN and the African Union. Of critical importance is the inclusion of developing nations in all climate discussions as Africa suffers a disproportionate impact from climate change. Mr. Ringo is the Goodwill Ambassador to the Pan-African Parliament for Trade and Investment, he attended the CFTA (Continent Free Trade Area) signing, and aided the country of Sudan in the lifting of sanctions.

Zoetic Global embodies his life’s work. A staunch environmentalist and champion of tangible solutions, Mr. Ringo is committed to protecting the Earth’s natural resources and improving the quality of life for generations to come. This means better health and greater opportunities for education, economic growth and prosperity.

Mr. Ringo is also board member of Ocean Biomedical and UpHealth.

Mr. Ringo was featured in Vice President Al Gore’s Academy Award-winning Documentary, An Inconvenient Truth and has co-authored two books: Diversity and the Future of the U.S. Environmental Movement (published 2007) and The Green Festival Reader (published 2008).

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