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Image by Cynthia Young

Scott Davis

Chief Revenue Officer

Scott Davis, Chief Revenue Officer at Zoetic Global

As the Chief Revenue Officer at Zoetic Global, Scott is a dynamic and strategic leader with a proven track record of driving growth, expanding market presence, and maximizing revenue streams. With over 25 years of experience in finance and technology, Scott possesses a unique blend of visionary thinking and practical execution.

As co-founder of Bragging Rights, Inc., Scott carved a distinctive path by introducing the industry’s first legal subscription-based platform that seamlessly fuses eSports and gaming with an exclusive privatized stable coin wagering solution. At the forefront, Scott optimized revenue channels, cultivated investor relationships, and fostered strategic partnerships to drive unprecedented expansion. 

Scott’s leadership philosophy centers around cultivating collaborative environments that empower teams to excel and exceed their goals. Throughout his career, he has been recognized for his ability to unite cross-functional teams and align them toward common objectives and has been instrumental in driving interdepartmental synergy. By fostering a culture of collaboration, Scott has facilitated seamless processes that expedite revenue generation and maximize profitability.

Image by Cynthia Young
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