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Image by Cynthia Young

Steve Scholl

Vice Chair Zoetic Carbon

& Board Member

Steve Scholl, Vice Chair Zoetic Carbon & Board Member at Zoetic Global

Steve Scholl has over 40 years of experience as an executive and entrepreneur.  His areas of expertise include senior leadership, venture capital, real estate development, and operations.  He is the Chairman of the Advisory Board of Vivaris Capital, an investment management company focused on investing in and acquiring high-growth businesses in life sciences and climate tech.   


Over the past few years, Mr. Scholl has focused on incubating green technologies to assess their validity and impact on the environment. He also currently serves as an Advisory Board member of the United Nations Initiative, United Cites, a worldwide program to produce Smart Cities by 2030.


Prior to leading these initiatives, Mr. Scholl was a successful software entrepreneur and financier.  He founded National Schedule Masters, National Bankers Acceptance Corporation and National Bankers Asset Authority, among other companies.  


National Schedule Masters continues to be the preeminent platform for real estate owners, developers, and contractors to manage large, complex construction projects.

Image by Cynthia Young
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